All prototypes are made in the designer's atelier in Burgdorf, Switzerland. Once an order is placed, selected pieces from the collection will be produced in Switzerland, Bulgaria, and Croatia. We don't produce stock - because we believe that there is a dangerous oversupply on garments in the global market. We work with textile specialists in these three countries who ensure that the quality is up to the standard we request.


Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in every aspect of our business. For instance, we exclusively use natural fibers for all of our textile curation. Additionally, we use European deadstock textiles for 50% of our collection, which helps to reduce waste and minimize our environmental impact. We firmly believe in contributing to the circular cycle of the fashion industry, and we strive to achieve this goal in every possible way. By using natural fibers and repurposing deadstock textiles, we are taking an important step toward building a more sustainable future for the fashion industry.


For us, sustainability is about working on the lists that we are capable of as a small brand.

As our central infrastructure for garment production stays in South Korea, and it is inevitable to use flight as our logistics, we have developed an extreme minimalistic procedure of production to minimise our carbon emissions. Our samples for the new edition is finished with the production of the coming season simultaneously, resulting in 1-way logistics a year.

Every textile and material is flexibly placed in multiple products and those in the next edition.For example, leftover fabric from cut out of edition 03 is used as a lining or bias tape to finish the hem of the quilted vest of edition 4.5. Our editions are intertwined and connected to minimize waste.​Not only that, we constantly revisit our previous collections to reinvent them to add to the new edition.

*the whole production of upcycled garments stays entirely in Switzerland.


All of NINA YUUN pieces are made of natural fibre that is easy to care for.

Wash/iron only when needed, It is good for you and the planet.

  • Wash at or below 30 degree
  • Do not bleach.
  • Do not tumble dry.
  • Air dry in shades, flat if possible.
  • Iron at low temperature.


We believe the best way to be truly sustainable is not to create or buy a new product.

The second-best way is to choose the right, high-quality garment designed to last. 

Just like NINA YUUN collection.

With proper care, NINA YUUN piece will outlast other types of garments.

If your garment is defective or damaged, we will mend it within 2 years of the date of purchase.

For selected garments, we offer to upcycle. Due to its unique qualities, every NINA YUUN garment will have a long life.

After two years from the date of purchase, you have the option to:- have your garment redesigned (among suggestions by design office)or- have your garment upcycled to create another product at the cost of only 30% of the original price.​